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Intentionally Designed To Shatter The Old Business Paradigm While Activating You To Lead, Serve AND Earn In Bigger & Bolder Ways To Create A Better Earth For ALL

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5 Reasons Why YOU Are Meant To Be A Part Of The New Earth Leadership Conference:

  • You're feeling the call to fully step-up, show-up and co-create with a community of leaders who "get you" and your vision for the planet
  • You give a shit about the future and are here to take a stand for collective change with your medicine, gifts and knowledge
  • You are ready to increase your time, energy and financial resources to  support your mission and create rock-solid cashflow security
  • You're committed to undertaking the inner and outer work required of a conscious leader to fully embody your soul's purpose
  • The Great Awakening is upon us and you know that amplifying your connection to the Earth & your vision is more important than ever

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(Value: $1997)

**We will never sell, rent, or share your information under any circumstance**

Why You Must Be At This Event In UNDER 60 Seconds!

Day 1 - Speaking Your Truth: Taking A Bold Stand For Your Mission

Alexandria Agresta

The Thought Leader: Become a Go-To Authority & Turn Your Business into a Movement

Amber Valdez

Own Your Gifts And Confidently Execute Your Soul Assignment 

Stephanie Churma

Claim Your Voice And Express Yourself In Life, Love & Business

Blase Grinner

Unlocking Your Purpose

Nadine Lee

Orgasmic Connection & Creation

Amber Kierra

Saying YES To Your Dreams

Dear Conscious Leader,

It's here.

The moment you've been training lifetimes for.

We've waited millennia for this...

The opportunity that awakens humanity from its unconscious slumber.

The time where we don't just talk about the need for change. We intentionally create it.

The time where we truly come together in love, unity and healing.

The time where we unfuck ourselves to deeply remember who we are and WHY we came here.

Each of us has a role in what happens next within the Collective.

You know that as creators, we get to determine how we shape the coming decades.

Things have not been getting worse. Things have been getting REAL.

You have wisdom and gifts within you to support the creation of the New Earth reality.

...For your community and the future generations of humanity.

Now is the time to fully embrace your soul mission.

To express your truth with conviction and speak your strong point of view with fluidity.

Are you ready to confidently take a stand for your tribe and the beautiful creatures who share this planet with us?

To lean into your edge as a leader and activate your next level.

To immerse yourself in conscious community to walk beside you.

To harness the power of conscious business to bring positive global transformation.

...And to have the time, energy and financial resources to back your mission while you rise.

Are you feeling the call?

Day 2 - Navigating Conscious Business: Creating The New Economy

Ryan Yokome

Soul Wealth Uncensored:
The Deeper Agenda of Control... And What To Do As A Conscious Leader

Jenna Faye Madden

Expanding Your Sales Leadership: Enrolling True Soul-Mate Clients With Ease

Adam Rubin

The New Paradigm Of Abundance

Loren Trlin

Soul Aligned Conscious Business: The Align, Build & Scale Method

Rhonda Swan

Get Visible: Branding And PR For Furthering Your Mission

Lauren Becker

Navigating Fear, Guilt & Shame As A Human, Leader & Entrepreneur

Tariq EQ Amawi

Manifestation 101 And Identity Engineering

Exclusive Day 2 Workshop:

How To Land Your TEDx Talk In The Next 30 Days And Reach 1 Million+ People

Taylor Conroy has helped 200+ leaders land TEDx talks and reach millions of people. Using his signature process for landing a TEDx talk, he helps entrepreneurs spread their message and movement throughout the world using speaking. Be sure to join Taylor live on June 23 at 4 PM PST (7 PM EST) to discover how to land your own TEDx talk this year!

How This FREE Virtual Event Is ACTUALLY DIFFERENT From Any "Summit" You've Experienced:

  • It is intentionally designed to simulate a 5 day "retreat style event" where you would easily invest thousands to attend
  • Everything is based on actual implementation, deep connection and results... you will get an ROI just like an in person experience
  • This isn't based on info consumption nor was is it designed "to grow a list"... no surface level "interviews", these are potent, high level trainings that our speakers typically charge $1000s for!
  • Intentionally curated trainers who are coming to speak on this international virtual stage to stretch you, activate your leadership and amplify your business results
  • Included are sacred events and networking... just like an in person event... solstice ceremony, cacao ceremonies, virtual masterminding, global ecstatic dance party, unity & equality panel and conscious connection concert featuring internationally recognized, award-winning musicians.

Day 3 - Evolving Your Leadership: ​Embodied Transformations

Giles Hutchins

Regenerative Leadership For Leading In The New Earth

Spencer Raymond Madden

Activating The Sacred Elements For Embodied New Earth Leadership

Keezia Leigh

Bold Boundaries: Upgrading Standards For Yourself And Others

Corey Sheikh

Living An Embodied Awakening: Meditation, Discourse & Transmission

Abby Kneipp

Feminine Leadership: Pleasure, Passion And Creating From Your Power

Kevin Orosz

How to Build Your Soul Empire (Even During A Pandemic)

Let's Create A Conscious Impact Together... During The Event!

Call us crazy... but how powerful would it be for us to all intentionally help others... WHILE we expand ourselves during this Virtual Conference?

We've created an ambitious goal to co-create $100,000 during the conference that will  go towards sustainable, conscious charities.

You will get to play an active role in accomplishing this mission during the event including voting on which causes you are passionate about supporting. 

The top 5 causes chosen by those attending the event will receive the conscious cashflow we create!

How it works: we will guide you to increase your cashflow during the event & create new sales. You'll then donate a small portion towards the fundraiser (if you choose to participate)! #consciousbusiness

Day 4 - Energy Management For Entrepreneurs: 

Balancing The Mind + Body + Spirit: 

Matthew Cooke

Body-Based Breakthrough: A Practice for Innovation

Dr. Terry Tillaart

How Ethical Capitalism Is The Answer

Azizi Birkeland

Crisis, Community & Connection: Unity For The Future

Rory Callaghan

Selfcare For Conscious Leaders:
How To Serve From Overflow

Hannah Taylor Parker

Ditch Burnout And Spend More Time In Your Genius Zone

Dr Nima Rahmany

Energy Management For Entrepreneurs

The New Earth Leadership Virtual Conference Is Sponsored By:

Soul Meets Strategy® Guides Awakened, Visionary Leaders To Thrive Financially In The Shifting Economy... So They Can Create Cashflow Certainty, Future-Proof Their Business Model & Their Vision For Influencing + Impacting Global Change

Day 5 - Cultivating The New Earth: Co-Creation For The Future

Kat & Tully O'Connor

Living In Love: Intentional Relationships 

Lisseth Wertz

Harnessing The Quantum Field To Create The New Earth

Libby Wallace

Activate Your Galactic Wisdom To Bring Through Your Vision For The New Earth

Hanalei Swan

Conscious Kids:
The Next Generation

Unity & Equality Panel

How To Consciously Create Equality For The New Earth

Brittney Carmichael

Using Spiritual Tools To Navigate Forward As A Leader

The New Earth Leadership Conference Starts June 22!


A Message From The Founders Of The New Earth Leadership™

We are Spence & Jenna... Co-Founders of Soul Meets Strategy® and The New Earth Leadership™ Movement.

Our core mission is built on the belief that a beautiful, freedom-filled future for humanity will be created through the vehicle of conscious business and embodied, activated leadership of the populace.

We call this place The New Earth.

This is a reality where visionary entrepreneurs have the time, energy and financial resources to create their maximum ripple of impact into the Collective... using their gifts to play in their zone of genius all day long.

New Earth Leaders are activated by merging their soul mission with aligned strategy to step into the new paradigm of business.

No more profit above all thinking. No more competition over collaboration. No more willful destruction of the planet, our society and our energy.

We truly see your greatness.

We know that you are here for a core reason: to fully embody your soul's purpose and make a massive impact during this collective evolution.

It's our commitment to walk beside you, hand-in-hand, to create the New Earth into reality for ourselves and the future generations.

Much love and see you at the Virtual Conference!

- Spence & Jenna

Official Bio: Spence & Jenna Madden are the Co-Founders of the globally recognized conscious business development brand, Soul Meets Strategy®. Having scaled their company to serve coaching, healing and embodiment clients in over 20+ countries, "#Spenna" is devoted to harnessing conscious business to create The New Earth. They have been featured in Forbes, Influencing Entrepreneur, Thrive Global  etc and sit on the exclusive Forbes Coaches Council.

Having pierced the veil and awakened to the the global turmoil created by "white billionaires", they founded The New Earth Leadership Movement to activate conscious entrepreneurs to step into leading, serving and earning in bigger, bolder ways.  Outside of trailblazing the way forward for the future, you will find them deep in the mountains of Canada where they organic garden, explore backroads for wildlife and chase after their Russian Ovcharka puppy, Grizzly, when he smells a bear!

Intentional Experiences During The Event:

Cacao Ceremony - Facilitated By Tess Martin, Founder Of Cacao Mama

Conscious Concert For Change 

Intentional Networking & Masterminding

Ecstastic Dance DJ Party -Facilitated By Corey Sheikh

Equality & Unity Panel -Featuring Mark Holton, Anita MonCrief & Robert B. McGuinness

Fundraiser Kick-Off With  Strategies To Get Into Cashflow Momentum!


Have Questions? We Have Answers:

Is the event free to attend?

It sure is! Thanks to our amazing sponsors, when you register you will receive a complimentary ALL ACCESS PASS to this 5 day live event.

And yes... this includes all the bonus experiences we have planned such as the cacao ceremony, dance party and concert!

This type of virtual event typically retails for $1997USD+ in the coaching, healing and online consulting industries. Yours FREE when you opt-in!

Where is this event being hosted?

The event is hosted inside of a private Facebook community. There will also be some components hosted via Zoom which you will receive access to.

A complete conference program website will be made available before the kick-off event, so that you can plan what trainings and events you'd like to attend!

What if I am in a lot of programs? Will this just overwhelm me with info?

Amazing! This is going to help you ground your energy, activate you into your next level of embodied leadership and support you to integrate and implement. AKA = It's our commitment that this creates transformation for you not overwhelm.

We've found that when New Earth Leaders show-up to our events and programs with a learner's mind and earth warrior heart, that their experience actually enhances the others programs they are in!

Will I be able to interact with you and the speakers/facilitators?

Absolutely yes. We will be guiding you throughout the entire event. Many of our trainers will be taking questions and be answering comments. Plus, your next level Soul Tribe will desire to network with you as well! 

This experience is 100% based in connection and co-creation! 

I'm interested in sponsorship opportunities for this event, is this possible?

We have limited sponsorship opportunities available - we'd love to connect with you.

Send our team an email to discover if it would be a fit for you to support this event and get your company, brand and message world class exposure to this amazing group of visionary entrepreneurs and conscious leaders!

We will consider both physical product sponsors and service based sponsors.

We are also accepting prize submissions for our epic prize packs and instagram follow-loop. 

Email us directly at [email protected] to discuss.

What if I miss something that I really wanted to see?

All recordings will be available to you for 24 hours after they happen live. You can also gain lifetime access to all of the trainings by being a part of the New Earth Leadership Academy - email us at [email protected] if you'd like details on becoming a member.

I have more questions!

We've got answers :)

Email us directly at [email protected] with any additional questions and we will get you an answer within 48 hours. 

Global Conscious Concert For Change... Featuring:

Larisa Gosla
Singer & Sound Healer

Adam Rubin
Singer / Songwriter

Tobias Sarra
Urban Dream Folk

Katie Hearn

Sarah Fishleder

Franko Heke
New Zealand

Spencer Raymond Madden
MC & Drum Healer

​Monique Benabou
Musician, Coach, Chef

Ready To Join Together & Pave The Way To The New Earth?

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(Value: $1997)

**We will never sell, rent, or share your information under any circumstance**

You'll Walk Away From This Virtual Conference With:

  • The clarity and confidence to lead, serve AND earn in bigger and bolder ways as a New Earth Leader during this transitional time on our planet
  • Absolute conviction in your mission and a deeply lit fire in your belly to take a stand for the future of humanity using the vehicle of your conscious business
  • A crystal clear strategy and a profitable, upgraded business model that generates the time, energy and financial resources you need to fulfill your vision
  • The leadership mindset and tools to be effective, aligned and intentional with your energy as you expand your movement
  • A deeply innovative and transformational community of fellow conscious leaders that are committed to rising up and paving the way along side you no matter what unfolds!

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