Scale to Serve


with Spence and Jenna


Yup?! Awesome... read our letter below:

You’ve had this vision for a while now…

To serve people deeply during this period in human history…

You know that conscious entrepreneurs must step up to create a ripple effect of collective change...

By facilitating massive transformations for their clients…


You're unclear on how to do that while creating predictable and expanding monthly revenue...

You have facilitated some amazing results, yet you aren't always attracting the right people...

You are not sure how to confidently package your genius into high-end, high ticket offers...

That sell-out with ease... full of the right people who show up and do the work!

At times your mindset can get in the way - even though you know you are here on a mission

You know you have so much growth when it comes to sales... and you aren't even charging your ideal price yet

You often ask yourself: what are the next steps I must take to effectively grow my business?

You are putting in a lot of time, love and energy... yet it isn't being mirrored back in your profits!

This seems like the pathway to creating a cycle of being overworked and underpaid!

How can you spend more time in your genius while serving your community deeply...

Without worrying about and getting held up by marketing & sales?

You’re so ready to SERVE, lead and earn MORE!



  • blue-tick

    Up-level your business model to create sustainable $10,000+ months with ease... so that you can pay yourself a full-time income while continuing to expand your business

  • blue-tick

    Invest in your own personal development, attend awesome events, and go wherever in the world you feel called to - without time or financial limits

  • blue-tick

    Sell out high ticket, massively transformational offers (with soulmate clients) and open up a waitlist for your work - no more wondering where your next client is coming from

  • blue-tick

    Have a business that is the vehicle that allows you to ignite your impactful, purpose-driven movement that contributes to deep, collective change (because the earth requires it of you!)

  • blue-tick

    Create the resources to fund the retreat center you desire to build, the sacred land you seek to purchase, the adventures you wish to undertake and the family & friends you desire to help support!

  • blue-tick

    Develop the foundations to support the hiring of a dream team that allows you to spend time in your genius zone instead of on the computer all day.

This is YOUR vehicle to do that...

Scale to Serve

Scale To Serve™ is a 4-month, high-touch, accelerated business growth experience for conscious entrepreneurs...

It is for leaders like you who are seeking to shift their current business into a truly unique, optimized & highly leveraged business model that generates USD 10,000+ per month...

While creating a truly rock-solid foundation to expand your mission, work within your genius and leverage your time effectively...

You will develop an Aligned, Strategic and Profitable™ business model, unleashing The Ignition Effect™... a synergistic blend of transformational mindset, optimized-for-you online strategies and an action plan to scale your PROFITABILITY!


We have cut out ALL unnecessary busywork that doesn't directly contribute to expanding your vision... and increasing your profitability!



Upgrade your leadership mindset, so that you have an ever-expanding capacity to scale your business and serve those who require the transformations you facilitate!

Position yourself as the GO-TO thought leader in your niche - ditching vanity numbers and creating an engaged tribe of soulmate clients who love the work that you do.

Effectively leverage your time so you can step into the CEO you are meant to be—with the right systems and right structure to give you the freedom you require.

Harness your medicine and gifts into a highly transformational, highly marketable high ticket offer... that creates soulmate clients that show up in a huge way!

Generate USD $10,000+ a month by transforming your client's lives... forever!

Identify where you are "leaking" energy, resources and potential clients, so that you can create a steady flow of new and return clients without burning out.

Create sustainable 5-figure months with ease—and never work for someone else's vision again! (buh bye J.O.B.s and side hustles!)

Spread your movement to a whole new level while speaking your truth, serving from your heart, AND having a wildly profitable business all at the same time.


Your vision chose you—it trusted that you’re the person capable of bringing it to life.


Libby Wallance Case Study

Libby Wallace went from unpredictable $2K - $7K months to making over $60K in sales in under 40 days.

Just two years ago, Libby was working full-time at a regular job until it just wasn't fulfilling her anymore

She always knew she was meant for something more—to be an entrepreneur, to lead a movement—but it wasn’t until last year that she quit her job to focus solely on her dream: a full-time coaching business!

When we started working with Libby she was “hope marketing” and unclear on how to break through to that next level—creating those sustainable, scalable 5-figure months (without “hustling” and burnout).

Using our Scale to Serve methods, she successfully planned, launched and sold out her new group program and filled up her 1:1 with a waitlist.

Click below to hear Libby share her story of success:


Jesse Karger,
Women’s Spirituality Coach:

"Working with Soul Meets Strategy has helped me to raise my prices, sign my ideal clients and book out my group and private coaching with ease"


Rhys Halliday,
Coach & Speaker:

“Spencer helped me gain massive clarity on how to achieve my vision and grow my conscious business to new depths."

What is Scale To Serve™?

Scale To Serve™ is the no-bullshit business growth program for conscious leaders...

It’s designed to take you deep... creating exponential growth in an accelerated time-frame!

That means there is no fucking around...
No hiding out...
No playing small...

We aren’t afraid to call you forward and stretch you to grow into the next-level version of yourself...

The version that consistently creates $10,000+ months... while developing your profit generating skillsets that will continue to serve you for life...


... Because this is the kind of ROI you can't put a price on... even if it means getting really uncomfortable!

... Because we know that your business will only grow as much as YOU do.

Other programs provide cheerleading and hand-holding. But you don’t need someone giving you empty promises and yelling affirmations from the side-lines.

You need someone to stand in the fire with you and make sure NOTHING gets in your way...

Including you.

"When you place your trust in Soul Meets Strategy™ to guide you to redefine your business, we take it seriously.

We don’t “hope” your business grows to the next level, we lead you directly there - implementing our proven growth frameworks to align you with your vision, serve your tribe, and scale your profitability." - Spence & Jenna


We've been there: stepping into this next level of leading, earning and serving can be scary AF!

We deeply understand the importance of working through resistance, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs in order to step into that next level of business growth...

This is why Scale To Serve™ is supported by a world-class mindset and transformation coach (yes, we believe it’s THAT important)!

That means you’ll receive intimate support from THREE badass coaches...

We will be guiding you every step of the way - while you create, implement and accelerate your way into USD $10,000+ months and beyond.


Spence and Jenna

AKA #Spenna and…

What started off as a crazy dream quickly became an amazing reality.

In less than 2 years, we scaled our business, Soul Meets Strategy™ into the multi-6 figure realm - and we did it all while traveling the world, living our truth!

Our passion lies in helping conscious entrepreneurs - like you - scale their business to $10,000+ months and beyond; creating sustainable and predictable revenues that allow you to live abundantly and serve your tribe deeply.

Our unique expertise lies in our differences—Jenna embodies the feminine flow, and Spence, the masculine structure. And together, we were able to create a methodology that allows our clients to balance the soul with the strategy to create a wildly profitable, conscious business.

We’ve helped 100s of entrepreneurs successfully scale their businesses, exponentially grow their profitability, and create waves of impact all by using our signature process.

You have a vision inside your soul and a revolution inside your heart... we want to help you make them not only a reality but a bonafide MOVEMENT.

We believe conscious businesses are the KEY to creating massive collective shifts. The more soul-centered entrepreneurs that are making 6 & 7 figures - the better our world will be.


The Ignition Effect™...

The Ignition Effect™ is a reaction that’s sparked when heart-led entrepreneurs synergize Alignment, Strategy, and Profitability in their business - allowing them to unleash their movement, scale their revenues, and contribute to collective shifts.

When you join Scale To Serve™, you’ll be getting your own private team of skilled strategists & coaches who have been there, scaled that, and are ready to make it happen with YOU.

Because... depth matters, context matters & results matter.

Leslie Keegan Case Study

How Leslie Keegan went from low ticket, one-off sessions... to charging high-ticket for her coaching services—creating her highest income month yet!

Leslie had built up a thriving health coaching business, until the draining demands and a whole lot of burnout, forced her to walk away from all of it.

But, her heart wouldn’t have it. She was led to step back into the industry and focus on her true passion: facilitating deep transformation using her skills and experience with quantum healing and mindset work.

Her soulmate clients she had created were having AMAZING results but she was still attracting a lot of non-ideal clients… and she wasn’t seeing her income match the energy she put into her business.

That’s when she decided to raise her prices and shift her business model to incorporate high ticket offers. Leslie then went on to have her biggest income month to date and called in some major soulmate clients.

It all started with being open to creating more systems, structure and strategy in her business in a way that felt aligned. These are exactly the types of things we focus on inside Scale To Serve™.

Listen to Leslie’s full evolution here:


What you’ll experience inside Scale To Serve™:


To effectively put a strategy into action, you need an aligned business foundation.

To begin this journey, you’ll...

  • small-blue-tick

    Identify your soulmate clients on a deeper level... so that you are in alignment with those you desire to serve

  • small-blue-tick

    Clearly define the transformation you facilitate and the ROI you provide

  • small-blue-tick

    Position yourself as the go-to expert and leader for your soulmate clients

  • small-blue-tick

    Unpack your genius, so that you can build-out your optimized and leveraged signature core offer that converts

  • small-blue-tick

    Implement a high value, high ticket business model - and make it work for you

  • small-blue-tick

    Discover the Aligned Pricing Method™ (and learn how to separate your worth from your price-tag and set your prices with integrity)



Once your foundation is realigned, it’s time to learn and implement the strategy.

We’ll cover:

  • small-blue-tick

    The art of soulful high-ticket sales - learn how to never feel sleazy again as you book-out calls with soulmate clients

  • small-blue-tick

    Confidently develop your unique sales call process that allows you to flow through objections before they even occur

  • small-blue-tick

    Learn how to launch effectively (timelines, lifecycles, and strategy so you never burn out your audience or yourself in the process)

  • small-blue-tick

    How to effectively validate your offer in the marketplace, so that it provides maximum transformation to your soulmate client

  • small-blue-tick

    Understanding your customer buyer journey - learn how to nurture your ideal clients so they become lifelong buyers

  • small-blue-tick

    Creating powerfully aligned content that attracts the right people and easily converts into clients

  • small-blue-tick

    Organic social media marketing + cross platform delivery—so you know exactly where, when, and how to post with purpose



Everything you’ve built has lead to this.

Now that your alignment and strategy are in place, it’s time to focus on expanding your tribe and scaling your business for future growth.

You’ll discover how to...

  • small-blue-tick

    Grow your visibility online - so you are always in the right place, at the right time

  • small-blue-tick

    Cultivate and monetize your community - including how to build an engaged Facebook community, and leverage targeted collaborations

  • small-blue-tick

    Fully understand and develop organic funnels - so you can create a flow of soulmate leads, saying goodbye to those client dry spells

  • small-blue-tick

    Effective email marketing strategy - designed to build strong relationships with your audience using simple and profitable techniques

  • small-blue-tick

    Scale your movement to bigger, better heights - learn how to create better systems, structure, and automation in your business so you can spend more time in your genius zone

Scale to Serve

Meet Your Guest Experts

We’ve invited a variety of experts to teach you the tricks of their trade to help you further elevate your business.

Lauren Consul


Must Know Legal Basics For Scaling An Online Business
Stephanie Churma


Tapping Into Abundance As A Conscious Entrepreneur
Alecia May


Sold Out Events
Lauren Vanessa Zink


Copy That Converts
Margo Caroll


Soulful & Effective Email Marketing

… With More To Be Announced!



Here’s What You Get Inside Scale To Serve™:

Lifetime Access to the Entire Ignition Effect™.
Multiple high-level trainings and resources that give you in-depth skills to move from struggling to multi-six figures (with x3 new lessons every month).
(Value: $9997)

Live Q&A Business Coaching Sessions from Spencer and Jenna. Get your questions answered face-to-face with 1:1 hot-seat style coaching. Replays will be shared inside our community. (Value: $5997)

Full Support from the Official Soul Meets Strategy™ Community Mindset Coach. Providing you with bi-weekly group calls, private support, feedback, and trainings throughout the program - designed to help you bust through your resistances, blocks, and limiting beliefs. (Value: $3997)

Success Mapping Session at the start of the program, so that you are crystal clear on your goals in order to create maximum results within Scale To Serve™. After this call, you will understand everything that you must do to be successful during the program. (Value: $997)

Weekly Office Hours to submit your assignments and receive personalized feedback from Spencer + Jenna - so that you know exactly what steps to take next in your business
(Value: $4997)

Dynamic and Intimate Facebook Community with your new online entrepreneur family who get you. This is a container for next-level support, authentic connection, and accountability from Jenna, Spencer, their team, and the other program members!
(Value: $997)

Post-Program Implementation + Integration Support for 30 days after the program ends. You’ll continue to receive full access to the community with ongoing support, accountability, and some fun surprises to continue your business growth. (Value: $1997)

Soul Meets Strategy™ team. These experts will be providing high-impact, relevant knowledge with actionable strategies, so you can integrate their years of wisdom into your business right away.
(Value: $1997)

AND, because we love you, you’ll also receive:

x1 Private Kick-Off Call with Spence or Jenna, so that you are set up for the program. You will also receive a private session with our mindset coach (Value: $3497)

An Exclusive Scaling To 6 Figures Workshop and Masterclass Series with our top high ticket sales tips so you can begin making back your investment before we start! (Value: $597)

Leadership Pre-Work to set you up with tools for success (that you can take with you through the program and beyond), as you expand into that next level of leadership in your business. (Value: $1997)

Total value of this program: $32K+

But... we aren’t charging that. No. Really. Not even a quarter, actually.

Our vision for Scale To Serve™ is to provide accessibility so every heart-led business owner can have the support they need to grow.

There’s already enough BS out there. The world doesn’t need another generic biz, spiritual, or life coaching program. It needs more conscious business leaders making a difference with highly valuable programs.

So, let’s help you make the difference you came here to make.

Scale To Serve™ starts September 9.
Limited to 10 Spots.

Let's chat about numbers...

(yes this a bit of text... but trust us, read it!)

Here is a potential scenario that we see all the time with heart-led business owners:

  • A coach is in a single session / low price package model
  • They have 4 clients (yahoo!) at $300 a month (yikes!)
  • That is $1200 / month X 12 months (if they can retain the clients, or find new ones every month...)
  • $14,400 a year X 3 years ... $43,200 for 3 years worth of time and energy... YIKES!
  • Sure there may be some growth with new strategies... but, there could be a decline from burn-out
  • If the coach drops to 2 clients... monthly revenues are $600... not predictable or sustainable!


Here is another scenario that we strive to see occur with Scale To Serve™:

  • A healer develops a highly leveraged, high value, high ticket model in Scale To Serve™
  • 3 private clients at $2000 per month on 3-month packages ... $18,000 * 4 = 43,200 per year
  • The healer gets awesome at marketing and sales... sells out private coaching to 7 people
  • 7 X $2000 X 12 = $168,000 / year ... X 3 years ... $504,000
  • This is without adding group programs, raising rates, scaling etc.


What is it worth to you to be in scenario 2?
Let's create YOUR VERSION of this with Scale To Serve™



One Time Payment of USD

x3 Monthly Group Business Coaching Calls

x2 Monthly Group Mindset Coaching Calls

x1 Monthly PRIVATE Mindset Coaching Call

Weekly Office Hours Dropbox For Customized Feedback

Lifetime Access To The Scale To Serve™ Training Vault

Access to the Scale To Serve™ Community

30 Days of Post-Program Community Support

Guest Expert Training Library

Bonus: x1 Private Pre-Program Business Intensive

Bonus: x1 Private Mindset Deep Dive Session

Bonus: x1 Private Onboarding Optimization Call

Bonus: Scaling To 6 Figures Virtual Workshop

Bonus: Pre-Program Trainings & Resources


USD - Deposit + 3 Monthly Payments of $1697

x3 Monthly Group Business Coaching Calls

x2 Monthly Group Mindset Coaching Calls

x1 Monthly PRIVATE Mindset Coaching Call

Weekly Office Hours Dropbox For Customized Feedback

Lifetime Access To The Scale To Serve™ Training Vault

Access to the Scale To Serve™ Community

30 Days of Post-Program Community Support

Guest Expert Training Library

Bonus: x1 Private Pre-Program Business Intensive

Bonus: x1 Private Mindset Deep Dive Session

Bonus: x1 Private Onboarding Optimization Call

Bonus: Scaling To 6 Figures Virtual Workshop

Bonus: Pre-Program Trainings & Resources


We have just 2 spots available for the conscious leader who wants that intensive, private, next-level support throughout the program!

Note: this is the ONLY way to work with us privately outside of our masterminds!

What you get:

EVERYTHING inside the Scale To Serve™ program


x4, Private monthly 1:1 laser-focused strategy calls with Spence or Jenna (Value: $2997)

x4, Private monthly 1:1 intensive with the Soul Meets Strategy™ mindset coach, meaning that you receive 2 private monthly mindset touchpoints in addition to group mindset coaching (Value: 2997)

Total Value: $38,000

You Pay only $9997
$4997 Deposit & 3 Monthly Payments Of $2197

Monica Watson Case Study

Monica Watson was able to quit her job and step into her business full time—going from burnout and imposter syndrome, to sold-out programs and high-end clients.

Monica had already built a successful online coaching business focused on helping women with boho capsule wardrobes—until she burnt out in the process and was forced to walk away.

When we started working with Monica, she was pivoting her business to focus more on branding and marketing coaching. She was ready to put in the work to scale her business so that she could quit the job that was causing her physical and emotional pain, but wasn’t clear on the steps to build it in a sustainable way, let alone how to avoid the entrepreneurial burnout that is incredibly real.

Hear Monica share more on her journey here:

Monica Watson
Dane Robertson

Dane Robertson,
Self Wealth Project:

"We've been working with #Spenna for the past few months and can honestly say we wouldn't be in the place we are without their guidance and strategy. We've been able to reach our biggest (by far) months, and now have the tools to create the future we envisioned but couldn't quite conceptualise.”

Leanne Babcock

Leanne Babcock,
Coach For Women:

“Since working with Soul Meets Strategy I have celebrated hitting International Best Seller with my book, raised my prices, signed new soulmate clients and am launching my first online group program!"

Jordana Case Study

Jordana shifted her entire business niche and offers from business coaching to sacred sensuality and has been blowing up online. 

She had built an online coaching business specializing in business and leadership but was still struggling with lead generation and unpredictable income.

When she decided to own what she TRULY wanted to do, she was terrified to make the transition.

Using our methods she was able to change her message, offers and focus while building an excited tribe. She launched her community, Dear Pussy and it blew up organically with over 300 ideal clients in the first week.

From there she created 3 new clients using our client creation process and signed them to her new high ticket, signature private program.

Since then she has been consistently growing her business to be aligned, strategic and prosperous so that she never has to worry about inconsistent income or lack of leads again.

Hear more of Jordana’s journey here:

Jenna and Spence

Scale To Serve™ is MADE for...

  • blue-tick1

    Coaches, healers & consultants currently generating under $5K per month on average who have not yet created predictable 5 figure months with their business

  • blue-tick1

    Entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace better structure, systems, and strategy—eager to scale their business and leverage their time while making a bigger profit

  • blue-tick1

    Entrepreneurs who are done with feeling confused about their marketing and sales... when all they REALLY want to be doing is serving their soulmate clients

  • blue-tick1

    Change-makers ready to step into a high-ticket model that generates the revenue they need to live an abundant life without restrictions

  • blue-tick1

    Heart-led leaders who are coachable and committed to putting in the time, energy and financial resources required to create their next level conscious business

Scale To Serve™ is NOT for…

  • blue-cross

    Business owners that haven’t had any clients and aren’t confident in their gifts and skills 

  • blue-cross

    Entrepreneurs that don’t truly believe in the VALUE of what they’re offering

  • blue-cross

    People who aren’t coachable and are not open to receiving feedback (you will be called forward to your highest leadership during Scale To Serve™)

  • blue-cross

    Those who aren’t willing to invest their time, energy and financial resource (it takes all 3 to grow a conscious business)

  • blue-cross

    Business owners who aren’t willing to ditch shiny-object syndrome and FOCUS on one core offer for the next 4 months.


You know you have a movement to lead.
You know you have lives to change.
And you know, deep down, the world NEEDS your medicine.
Now more than ever.

It’s not the earth that needs healing. It’s humanity.

And every time you show up and do your work, it creates a ripple effect that shifts the collective into change.

It’s time for you to lean the fuck in to your edge with ALL of who you are to be the leader you are meant to be.

This new paradigm of business requires courage, innovation, and passion—all of which lie within you. All of which are just waiting to be fully expressed.


When do we start? How long is it?

The program starts September 9th, 2019 and runs for 4 months—plus an additional 30 days of post-program support!

What if I don’t have a business yet?

If you aren’t a service-based entrepreneur (coach, healer, strategist, copywriter, therapist, etc.) that has clients and is generating some revenue, then this program is likely not the right fit for you.

This program isn't about discovering your purpose or mission. Scale To Serve™ is for the leader who is amazing at what they do and is looking to create an optimized offer that creates soulmate clients.

If you aren’t sure or feel you might be an exception to the rule, fill out an application and we can help you determine if Scale To Serve™ is aligned with you.

Will this work for me?

We can’t guarantee results. But what we can say is that all of our clients who are 100% committed to their growth and vision have created some epic results by following our methods—we’re talking $50K+ months in sales, $20K+ cash months, quitting their 9-5’s, and so much more.

How much time is required? I’m already so busy…

We won’t sugarcoat it—scaling a business takes effort, time and energy.

However, we understand our clients are already busy business owners who don’t have time to waste.

This program is designed to be effectively integrated within your current schedule to help eliminate any overwhelm.

Plus, we have a no fluff policy, so everything in the program will be useful, actionable, and directly contribute to your growth.

Remember: you get out what you put in... in life, in business, in personal development.

I am SO in for this but my cat/partner/family/friends might not be supportive.

We understand this is a big decision.

Committing to the next level of yourself and your business often means that some people may not “get it”.

While we can’t make this decision for you, we can help equip you to have these sweaty-palm conversations with ease (ask us about this on your application call).

Let us know if there’s someone in your life who you make decisions with, and should be on the call with you (as a couple in business, we understand many financial decisions are jointly made—it’s important your partner is on board with your choice too). We want to make this decision as comfortable as possible for all people involved.

Shouldn’t I just hire a private coach so I can have them all to myself?

Ultimately, only you know what’s best for you.

But we intentionally structured Scale To Serve™ to FEEL like you’re in a private program. 3 Coaches. 5+ Guest Teachers. Only 10 Clients. At a lower cost than hiring privately, plus with support from guest experts in a variety of industries, you can feel confident you’re getting a personalized, well-rounded experience.

And if that still doesn’t cut it and you’re set on having that deeper 1:1 support, we offer the Upgrade Package to give you exactly that—private 1:1 coaching time with our Soul Meets Strategy™ team (Interested? Ask us about it on your application)!

Exactly how much support will I receive in Scale To Serve™?

Oh, we thought of everything. This program was designed to bring you next-level support in the 3 main areas that are crucial for your deepest transformation.

Skills: Consumable, actionable trainings from our Ignition Effect™ library, monthly implementation workshops to help you apply what you’ve learned to your business in real-time, and game-changing guest expert trainings.

Accountability: Office hours dropbox where you can submit your assignments for personalized feedback from Jenna & Spence, as well as a community-driven group to keep you engaged and supported in-between.

Coaching: Bi-weekly business strategy hot-seat coaching calls (with 1:1 attention) hosted by Jenna & Spence, as well as bi-weekly mindset-focused coaching calls with our Mindset & Soul Transformation Coach. We’re also throwing in post-program support, which gives you 30 extra days of coaching support after the program ends!

Do you offer refunds?

Short Answer? No.

We spent a lot of time designing this program to be motivating, intense (in all the best ways), and full of value.

This program was specifically made for people who are READY to go all-in on their business and their vision—and not for those who are still unsure about their commitment.

That’s why we’re personally hand-picking the 10 people who are joining us in this experience.

We’re looking for committed business owners who will work with us to bring their service to that next level.

If you are already thinking about a refund, close this page and move on... you aren't our soulmate client!

How many people are in this program? So many programs are full of people and I don’t feel seen or heard in the way I need.

We’re capping Scale To Serve™ at 10 people to keep it high-touch and extremely intimate. That means there’s a 3:1 client to coach ratio which is almost unheard of in programs like this.

I’ve still got questions!

No worries - we’ve got answers! Reach out to us directly, at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon.

Dear Conscious Leader. Truth Seeker. Co-Creator. Revolutionary. Visionary...

You’ve done it.
You’ve gotten yourself to where you are today, and that is no small thing.

All the time, the effort, personal growth, the energy, the emotion… that needs to be acknowledged.
Even if you aren’t where you ultimately want to be yet, you’ve done so much already. You’ve come so far.

But now, it’s time to remember what we so often forget: that we are not meant to do this alone.

We’re not meant to do life alone—we’re not meant to do business alone.

Full transparency: we don’t know what we don’t know.
That’s why seeking mentorship, accountability, and developing new skills with seasoned teachers is vital to your expansion.

Because we can only take ourselves so far.

And you know this is true.
We know you know this.
Want to know how we know?
Because you’re still reading this page.

You’re still here because some part of you knows that you’re ready to stop doing things alone and start getting that support you need to continue growing.

No more wondering where your clients are coming from. No more serving misaligned clients. No more subpar offers and low monthly revenues. No more doubting your leadership. No more doubting your business.

You KNOW what has to come next.
You KNOW the next piece of this puzzle—even if it still feels a little scary and a lot unknown.

Because, honestly? All the best things in life are a little scary (ok.. scary AF!) and a lot unknown.
All the best things in life are firmly outside of our comfort zones.

So… is today going to be the day you follow your gut, you make the change, and you get that support to let your business flow?

Is today going to be the day you choose your vision over fear, your success over stagnation, your income over insecurity?

It’s time to get the support you need so you can make the impact you came here to make.

We’re not asking you to cross your fingers, wish for the best, and invest in yet another program.

We’re asking you to hear what we’ve been telling you this whole time.
That your success is OUR success. Your wins are OUR wins.

If it feels right, and you know it does, let us be your teammates to success. Let us help you crush your goals, serve your people, and make the impact and the income you came here to make.

Are you ready to make this your reality!?

See you on the inside—we can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

Your teammates to success,

Spence and Jenna xx

Earnings Disclaimer: Soul Meets Strategy™ does not make any income and revenue guarantees for Scale To Serve™. All financial statements and numbers on this page are for representative purposes only. Client results may vary due to conditions beyond the control of Soul Meets Strategy™. This includes, but is not limited to client time input, client attitude, medical conditions, client's personal development, and client mindset. You may earn more, less, or none at all compared to other clients within this program. (we are legally required to say this!)

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