The Liberated Woman Vortex

The divine business playground for the rising female entrepreneur devoted to expressing her soul and magnetizing her dreams into reality


The Liberated Woman Vortex

The divine business playground for the rising female entrepreneur devoted to expressing her soul and magnetizing her dreams into reality


It’s time to feel activated, inspired, empowered and more


in who you ARE and what you DO as a conscious creatrix.

Welcome, soulful woman on her sacred leadership and business journey...

You have arrived at this digital portal of transformation because you are a woman who is guided by her own divine light.

Your mission is clear, and you are ready to soar to new heights of purpose and potential, embracing the essence of feminine leadership in the dawning era of the new earth.

With unwavering devotion, you are prepared to challenge the norms that seek to limit you.

Your path is one of self-discovery, and you are committed to embracing every facet of your being, for you know deep within that you were destined for greatness.

You are ready to unlock the abundance and self-expression that have been patiently waiting within you to be fully experienced through your business.

It is time to release the chains of hustle and scarcity that have held you back, replacing them with a sense of limitless possibility and overflow. 

Your purpose extends beyond yourself, flowing into the realm of your soulful business.

You inner-stand that your entrepreneurial endeavors are not merely transactions, but vehicles through which you can channel your truest self.

By nurturing your business, you open doors to unparalleled abundance and create a powerful ripple effect in the world.

You have been summoned by the whispers of spirit to embark on a profound journey of evolution and embodiment.

Your highest calling beckons, urging you to step into your authentic power and radiate your light in the world.

That is what I stand for and it’s what I

invite you


The membership with a multidimensional approach to business success.


Combining the support, tools, trainings, and aligned action steps to fast track your highest timeline into reality.



This experience is a membership style program

(that is anything BUT typical)


Each Month there are multiple portals together based around a monthly theme designed to support you in healing, activating and growing yourself and your business in a sustainable, soul nourishing way.


Monthly Content Bundle

Bite sized, potent trainings and meditations designed to activate you as a leader onto your highest timeline in business where more clients, money and EASEFUL creation become your normal.

(Recorded & Released in the 1st week of every month )

Monthly Biz Q&A Group Coaching Call

Monthly hot seat coaching session where you are given the opportunity to ask your burning questions and receive personalized 1:1 mentorship in a group coaching setting with Jenna

(Live on Zoom & Recorded into the portal)

Monthly Integration Guide

To enrich your learning and integration, you’ll receive a deep-dive workbook for exploration on the monthly topic with prompts, resources and tips. You’ll also receive a book recommendation to support you activating into your next level!

Sacred Community

We’re a family of kindred soul sisters and sacred allies that are co-creating together. This is your virtual oasis away from mainstream social media. A loving place of 24/7 energetic spaciousness––dedicated to growth, safe sharing and guidance. Learn through observing and participating.


Monthly Moon Marketing Session

Full moon channeling with a twist: cosmic marketing guidance along with a monthly true astrology calendar with our in-house astrologer Sanja Rose so you know how to tap into the divine support available to you!



Monthly Group Healing Session

Healers need healers too! Access the monthly sessions with our in-house healer Cassandra Finch relating to the monthly theme to support you on healing your wounds and limitations that may be holding you back so you can rise on your liberation journey.


Exclusive Resource Vault

With over 25 ON DEMAND bundles with relevant, member only content including workshops, meditations, templates, swipe files, embodiment practices and guest expert trainings.

New Moon Oracle Reading

Each month our in house card reader, Stepanka Kuralova creates a unique community card reading and spread for you to tune into your highest self and intuitive guidance.

Members Only Discounts

You'll receive a discount and exclusive bonuses on all programs, courses, experiences I create PLUS free access to select masterclasses. You become an OFFICIAL Soul Meets Strategy™ VIP Community Member!

This is NOT a typical hands-off membership with a monthly training and library with no support.

This is an immersive container… meaning it’s focused on live support, real human connection, relevant channeled transmissions & actual implementation to anchor in YOUR unique goals, dreams and desires.

Some of the areas we will dive into, together on our calls and in our community include:

  • Healing around your wealth codes, worthiness, and capacity to receive by building healthy habits to shift your relationship to money
  • Activati,on on fully expressing your soul through your business so you never hold yourself back from sharing powerful content, again
  • Creating stability, safety and structure in your business without it making you want to recoil by growing your business in a way that actually supports you
  • Heart opening and expansion exercises to keep you in your heart instead of your head so that you can learn to trust yourself and channel your magic with more ease
  • Finding your synergy between masculine structure and drive with feminine creative flow in business so that you feel balanced so get to be effective and productive WHILE feeling deeply expressed
  • Becoming magnetic with your message by infusing your magic into your content online with empowered strategies unique to you
  • Business beyond the old paradigm and how to navigate the evolving online space from a place of sovereign creativity (no more imposter syndrome)

This Self Paced Experience...


Allows you to move at your own pace, honouring your natural rhythm -  inviting you to be met as you are, evolving as you will in a supportive guided space.


This Self Paced Experience


Allows you to move at your own pace, honouring your natural rhythm -  inviting you to be met as you are, evolving as you will in a supportive guided space.

Get Instant Access Upon Joining!





12 Months In Full: $777 USD

Paid in full bonus: Ticket to my Summer 2023 Virtual Retreat (Value: $997)



Monthly Payments: $111 USD

*Cancel Anytime 


What Others Are Saying


“Jenna is so much more than just a business coach! She lovingly called me forward out of my comfort zone without pushing or forcing me. I quickly went from mostly one off sessions to signing paid in full coaching clients! All while feeling confident and in alignment with my zone of genius.

She has held deep space for my vision and truly saw my magic before I even saw it in myself. I used to have trouble valuing myself and what I do and needing to prove my worth... Working with Jenna has allowed me to set clear boundaries, have systems in place and still be in my feminine and authentic self.”

Tersa Brenneman

Human Design Mentor

"Intuitively I knew my business was ready for the next level. Financially the investment was a stretch but I knew the universe always provides. In this case my business skyrocketed while working with Jenna.

The strategy is freaking epic, but even more so is the genuine heart and soul that goes on behind the scenes.

The numbers certainly quantify and I made back my full 5 figure investment in less than 2 months and went on to do my first 50K+ launch!

Since working together I've gone on to become a best selling author and have a 500K+ business”


Libby Robertson

Galactic Business Coach

“I recently had my 4th sold out launch while working with Jenna! I crossed 6 figures and since then have gone on to multiple 6 figures. I've successfully opened an additional segment by adding a publishing house to my business.

Best of all it's been generally easy with minimal marketing required.

Especially considering I was pregnant while we worked together!”

Tarsh Ashwin

CEO of Ashwin Publishing

“Working with Jenna allowed me to receive the support I was lacking. It's given me the grounding to create a solid 5 figure a month business.

I love her approach to accountability and depth. It's helped me tremendously with my private session's, group healings and events.

Cannot recommend her highly enough and I am SO glad that I am in her high level mastermind, The Catalyst!”


Jodi Friedman

Reiki Master & Healer

On-Demand Workshops

Here is a taste of some of the trainings inside




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