The Catalyst Mastery-Mind

Where new earth feminine leaders scale your magic into 6 or multi 6 figure years through soul alignment & heart-centric strategy, done YOUR way.

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Right now, you’re on the cusp.

  • You have become  devoted to being ALL IN on you and your business growth (YAY!). But, you're still working harder than you’d like to admit in your business. You’re passionate AF about the work you do and the people who get to transform as a result. It’s a slippery slope to overworking, burning out or hitting an income ceiling and you are honestly scratching your head how to keep up with ALL the moving pieces to scale your business.

  • Feeling the deeper KNOWING that you’re ready for consistent 5+ figures/month and beyond because you have a BIG vision and mission for what you’re here to do with your gifts. You just need a better business model that FLOWS - with dreamy soulmate clients ready to invest in your offers on repeat that are ready to do the work!

  • You are upgrading your standards because you are ready to work with ONLY aligned clients and to have them flow CONSISTENTLY. Yeah you sign clients… but it’s not necessarily predictable or as easy as you know in your heart it could be. You are not available for anxiety or scarcity energy in your business when it comes to marketing any more!

  • Having a deeper knowing that your business isn’t long term sustainable or scalable the current way it’s set up. You launch things that don’t necessarily “sell out” even though you KNOW what you offer is transformational or you work your ass off to fill them and you are no longer available for the secret hustle.

  • Done with overly masculine and structured ways of creating. You’re sick of hearing about signature processes and business models. You want something that is free-flowing and unique to you. You want divine feminine mastery in business with true sacred masculine structure that is a match for you and your unique soul success blue print.

  •  Navigating all the changes and upgrades happening individually and collectively. You feel the shifts happening within yourself and the planet and know that you’re here to support the anchoring of the New Earth into reality while we transition in our economy, collective consciousness and the healing of humanity.

It is time to catalyze all aspects of you personally, professionally and financially…

While calibrating to your highest potential as a new earth feminine leader.


You are ready to fine tune your business.


To let it be a vehicle of financial support, transformation and collective change that it can truly be. 
You're ready for soul portal that will hold you as you calibrate to your audacious desires (that other people maybeeee think you are crazy to dream this big), to initiate your highest cash months and arrive FULLY into your power.



The Catalyst is a

rites of passage.

The Catalyst is

a rites of passage.

An initiation to anchor the 5D and beyond in all areas of your life and business. It is NOT for every woman.

This is for the woman who is committed to mastery, sovereignty, and benevolent service to humanity.

You're ready to BECOME the channel and to let your business, making money and transforming the lives of your community… flow with 100x more ease.

Where you create from an energetic state of overflow, while becoming unavailable to create from lower vibrational states that you've been conditioned to based on scarcity, lack, pressure or obligation.

Each woman I co-create with grows exponentially in the 3C’s:




This 12 month mastermind is a combination of group mentorship, deep-dive immersions, sisterhood masterminding, facilitation training, and even a certification opportunity.
Think of it as a brilliant mix of Modern Mystery School, New Earth Leadership, and Online Business Mastery.
Ideal for women who are a few cycles into their business… and are craving soul evolution, increased time and financial leverage, quantum time line jumps to their inner and outer reality, deeper impact with their magic and to calibrate to their next level in a way that feels safe to their nervous system.

How would it feel to enter this next season knowing you are being supported by a high-frequency group of like-minded leaders and a mentor you align with?

How would it feel to bring your MOST COURAGEOUS magic to 2023 and to do it from a place of ease, unwavering confidence, reclaimed pleasure, and expressive creativity?

How would it feel to know that you took charge of your own financial destiny and created new channels of income in 2023 (through your soul expression and leadership)?

This is what you are invited to step into inside The Catalyst.

What Others Are Saying


“Jenna is so much more than just a business coach! She lovingly called me forward out of my comfort zone without pushing or forcing me. I quickly went from mostly one off sessions to signing paid in full coaching clients! All while feeling confident and in alignment with my zone of genius.

She has held deep space for my vision and truly saw my magic before I even saw it in myself. I used to have trouble valuing myself and what I do and needing to prove my worth... Working with Jenna has allowed me to set clear boundaries, have systems in place and still be in my feminine and authentic self.”

Tersa Brenneman

Human Design Mentor

"Intuitively I knew my business was ready for the next level. Financially the investment was a stretch but I knew the universe always provides. In this case my business skyrocketed while working with Jenna.

The strategy is freaking epic, but even more so is the genuine heart and soul that goes on behind the scenes.

The numbers certainly quantify and I made back my full 5 figure investment in less than 2 months and went on to do my first 50K+ launch!

Since working together I've gone on to become a best selling author and have a 500K+ business”


Libby Robertson

Galactic Business Coach

“I recently had my 4th sold out launch while working with Jenna! I crossed 6 figures and since then have gone on to multiple 6 figures. I've successfully opened an additional segment by adding a publishing house to my business.

Best of all it's been generally easy with minimal marketing required.

Especially considering I was pregnant while we worked together!”

Tarsh Ashwin

CEO of Ashwin Publishing

“Working with Jenna allowed me to receive the support I was lacking. It's given me the grounding to create a solid 5 figure a month business.

I love her approach to accountability and depth. It's helped me tremendously with my private session's, group healings and events.

Cannot recommend her highly enough and I am SO glad that I am in her high level mastermind, The Catalyst!”


Jodi Friedman

Reiki Master & Healer





I know who you are...

  • You’re a soul centered, service based female business owner ready to expand your impact and cashflow — You’ve been growing your soul-based business for a few cycles now.
  • You’re looking for innovative strategies to have a bigger impact while experiencing more spaciousness, connection, profit and pleasure in your life and business.
  • You’re a skilled coach/healer/consultant ready for your next levels of initiation and activation. — You crave the deepest inner growth, and are excited for your initiation into the highest levels of your soul in a sacred container as we transition into the New Earth.
  • You are clear on what your magic is and know your next season is one of EXPONENTIAL growth (maybe 10K, 20K even 30K-50K months in 2023 and beyond). 
  • You’re done with slipping through the cracks, feeling like the best kept secret and from coach/program hopping… because you are ready to feel massively supported, fiercely accountable, and deeply held for sustainable growth from a coach who intimately works with you IN and FOR your business.
  • You’re a go-getter and someone who takes full responsibility for your actions towards attaining results and are ready to be called lovingly forward into your greatness in a supportive way.


I’m Jenna Faye

A modern feminine mystic, best selling author and a 7 figure business mentor for content creators, coaches, healers and consultants.

I’ve been working within the industry for several years now and have helped thousands of women around the globe to unlock their power, embody their feminine leadership and grow their business profitability in a way that aligns with their souls.

It is my deep honour and privilege to share this wisdom with the souls that are ready to receive during this immersive virtual experience.

The Catalyst Is Built Upon 7 Core Pillars:

Business Strategy

For timeline jumps that are sustainable, soul nourishing and scalable with an approach that is completely unique to you, your needs and YOUR vision

Limitless Wealth, Pleasure and Abundance

Alignment to unleashing your full potential to receive your desires through the activation of the new earth wealth codes and the healing of your channels to receive

5D Leadership Embodiment

As a new earth feminine leader while you harmonize your own energetics including harmonization of your masculine/feminine within yourself and business

Relationship Deepening

To self, others, clients, your soul and god/source through your gifts, expression, leadership and heart expansion

Masterful Facilitation

To be fully expressed in your magic while channeling unwavering confidence in your ability to lead, serve and earn in bigger and bolder ways

Consciousness Expansion

Claiming your soul sovereignty and liberation personally, financially, spiritually and creatively so that you can embrace full visibility while feeling safe in your deepest expression

Sisterhood and Community Development

As you heal your wounds and shadows… while integrating the magic that is possible when powerful women come together in the light

In this program you will find a synergy between the energetics (ceremony, ritual and mindset), collaboration (actual masterminding with like minded sisters) and strategy (launch planning, pricing, marketing, sales, offer development, team building, systems and more).

This is designed to be intimate and immersive without overwhelming you… where spaciousness and flexibility meets accountability and commitment.

You WILL be held to your highest potential.

You MUST be willing to lean into your edges, to be OPEN to trusting yourself more and to stretch yourself (knowing you are safe and supported through your metamorphosis).

This container requires your devotion to yourself and your vision … which means coming to most calls,  commitment to regular shares and engagement on the private group chat.

Meet Your Teammates To Success:

In addition to my support, you receive guidance from my team!

Stepanka Kuralova


Stepanka is a hypnotherapist, emotional alchemy expert, empowerment coach and trained Soul Meets Strategy mentor (by Jenna for 2.5 years) for new earth feminine leaders. 

Spencer Madden


Spencer brings the sacred masculine presence to our Collective. He is a mentor for conscious leaders and he specializes in consciousness, sovereignty and embodied leadership + business.

Cassandra Finch


Cassandra is our Community Healer who provides regular group sessions for my clients to heal, activate, integrate and expand themselves in a safe container. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Body Talk Practitioner, Galactic Guide and so much more.

Sanja Rose


Sanja is our in house cosmic astrologer who provides our members with a juicy monthly energetic report that includes a video and PDF downloadable to provide guidance on your path!

What Others Are Saying


“Jenna is a powerhouse at holding space for your rise. She gently but firmly guides and supports you on all levels to step into being an abundant CEO and masterful facilitator.

She works with integrity and is a wise leadership coach with TONs of practical information to structure your business in an effective way. Jenna goes all in and becomes your biggest ally in your expansive.

My business has tripled what it made last year plus I have shred my hustle mode and now work from a more embodied goddess standpoint. I highly recommend her to reach your business goals, sustainably, your way.”

Brenda Soulfire

Shamanic Healer & Crystal Reiki Master

When I met Jenna I knew immediately that she understood me, my goals and my vision as I transitioned from being a local nutritionist and massage therapist to having a successful online brand. 

I never knew how much I could accomplish in such a short time! Her expertise and human approach has helped me to honour the the value of my work while also raising my prices significantly all while calling in clients who are READY to transform.

I had my first 5 figure month and am on my way to scaling to 6 figures and beyond soon!

Vera Prazak

Nutritionist and Coach For Women

"This year I have been able to basically relaunch my brand, have exploded my Tiktok and I’ve never been more aligned in my vision.

I’ve had my first sold out launch, am truly on fire with my mission and am well on my way to stepping into the 6+ figure version of myself."

Carly Wright

Creator of The Vibrant Mama Method

"Since starting work with Jenna, I’ve become an international best selling author, earned more money than last year (already) including a 12K month, successfully launched a new online program with women from around the globe… and established business systems that are allowing me to be more effective in scaling my business."

Leane Babcock

Transformational Coach, Speaker & Author

Why I created this container:

After my own journey of growing to 6 figures/year and then multiple 6 figures/year… I realized there were a LOT of things I would do differently in hindsight to better leverage my time and collapse the timeframe to grow my revenue in ways that felt orgasmic to my soul.

….After helping hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last 5+ years to successfully grow themselves and their businesses, I decided it was time to create a container with the depth and resources to help women on their journey for maximum transformation in the most effective way.

It’s what I WISH I had when I was first growing to $10K-$30K months in my business.

I saw the cycle of female entrepreneurs overworking themselves and hitting an income ceiling. And I realized that my blend of business strategy, leadership development and support on both masculine and feminine energies within business was the key to having a sustainable and profitable business that FEELS good.

Ultimately my reason is not only because I want to help you make more money, but because I fully believe that the more conscious female entrepreneurs that are able to fully embody their feminine... and impact others with their gifts through the vehicle of their business, the more humanity can move towards the New Earth.

Here's what’s Included

(Silver Level)

Weekly Expansion Calls

(Value: $15K)

Personalized breakthrough coaching with live Q&A, masterminding with your soul sisters with interactive exercises and various activations - minimum 2 calls per month led by Jenna and others with support coaches

Quarterly Retreat

(Value: $4444)

Virtual 1-2 day retreat immersions focused on business visioning, strategic planning and wealth expansion for EVERY season in your business!

Daily Group Coaching Support

(Value: $12K)

You are *literally* NEVER alone and can always get your questions answered in between calls on our exclusive, easy to use coaching app. Receive daily spot coaching and accountability support - this is where a lot of the magic happens in real time! This way you can stay in momentum feeling nourished, seen and supported! Jenna + her team are in here all week long and guarantee your questions will receive a response.

Weekly Marketing Feedback

(Value: $5555)

Every week you have the opportunity to submit something for feedback - whether it's your new sales page, a sexy new bio, a post or CTA your crafting... it's limitless! It’s often the small tweaks that make the BIGGEST difference. Submit sales pages, emails, posts, etc. for direct feedback on what is great and what can be optimized allowing you to become more empowered and clear on what works best so you can apply this to future creations too! 

Access To ALL My Other Programs

(Value: $15,555)

Receive instant (LIFETIME) access! Includes the Sales Synergy Course, The Liberated Woman Vortex Membership, Transcending The Matrix Academy Group Program, Alchemy Of Abundance Accelerator, The Soul Meets Strategy Certification, The Best Year Yet Audio & Journal Program and The Content Creatrix Self Study Course

Catalyst Client Resource Lounge

(Value: $3333)

Ever feel like you would benefit from having more templates and real world resources at your disposal?! This Client only portal contains all the tools you may need to scale your business such as on-boarding templates, client agreements, powerful call-to-action ideas, frameworks for running your calls and masterclasses and more. New content is added every single month!

Private Monthly Session

(Value: $5555)

Monthly private session with a support coach each month to dive into mindset, business planning and topics such as pleasure, energetics or relationships. All coaches are hand picked by me and have extensive experience in successfully growing an online business. I consider them masters of their craft and clients LOVE having the option to work with a variety of coaches based on where they need the most support each month.  

Exclusive Bonuses

Private Kick Off Session

(Value: $1111)

Upon signing up you receive a private 45 minute kick-off session with Jenna to dive into your vision, cash infusion and success planning for get the MOST out of your time in the Catalyst!

Fast Action Bonus: Voxer Support 

(Value: $2222)

IF you are a full body YES and apply to join us, you will be eligible to unlock FIVE days of 1:1 messenger support with Jenna to use *anytime* during your 12 months in the Catalyst if you make your first payment within 48 hours of your application being approved! You can use these all together (great for a launch) OR use them seperately as needed to support your integration and growth. You are eligible to receive this if you pay in full OR a payment plan.

That’s over $64,775+ in value.

Realistically that would be inaccessible for most women growing to five or even multiple 5 figure months in their business.

Quite honestly - there is WAY too much of this happening online.

…And it’s not how I operate or expect you too either.


That’s why when you’re accepted into the Catalyst starts at only…

$1,222/month or $12K in full for 12 months of access.

Because I’m sick AF of seeing new earth feminine leaders not getting the support they need in this industry.

We need you now more than ever to rise.

Here Are Your Investment Options!

Silver Level

Investment Options:

Best Deal


Most Popular

Flexible Payment Plan

One-Time Purchase

One payment of $12,000 
(Save $2664+)


Paid In Full Bonus:

2 Additional Private Sessions with Jenna to use anytime in your 12 months

Most Popular

Down Payment + Monthly:

$3333 down and $888 per month for 11 months 
(Total: $13,101)

Down Payment Bonus:

1 Additional Private Session to use with Jenna anytime in your 12 months

Flexible Payment Plan

Monthly Payment

$1222 per month for 12 months
 (Total: $14,664)


Feeling Quantum?

Upgrade To Gold Level:

  • Includes everything in the silver level PLUS
  • 75 minute quarterly private call (4 total) that you can book with Jenna throughout the year
  • Private messenger support (M-F) with Jenna for the year so that you can get EXTRA intimate support and feedback from me with the ability to voice note 

VALUE: Additional $9999+

Gold Level

Investment Options:

Best Deal


Most Popular

Flexible Payment Plan

One-Time Purchase

One payment of $16,000
(Save $2660)

Paid In Full Bonus: 1 Half-day VIP private virtual retreat experience with Jenna for in depth planning, strategy development and soul activation. 

Most Popular

Down Payment + Monthly:

 $5555 down and $1111 per month for 11 months
(Save $900)

Down Payment Bonus : 1 Additional Coaching Session with Jenna to use anytime over the 12 months in the program

Flexible Payment Plan

Monthly Payment

$1555 per month for 12 months
(Total: $18,660)


What Others Are Saying


"Jenna has helped me immensely in getting my vision in front of more women, increasing my impact and income in a very aligned way  and in our 2+ years of working together my business has completely transformed.

It’s a balanced combination of strategy and energy. I love that she holds space for my growth on SO many levels. It goes way beyond business coaching and I’ve never felt so seen, safe, supported and understood.

Thank you for holding me accountable to embody my calling Jenna and I’m so grateful to be in your Sistermind!"

Stepanka Kuralova

Hypnotherapist, Healer & Coach For Women

"My experience working with Jenna has been MINDBLOWING. I hit levels of resistance I didn’t even realize I had. I finally felt aligned and confident to raise my prices and shift my entire business model. I’ve been selling out my classes, magnetizing premium private mentorship clients and blowing up my audience.

I increased my revenue last year while cutting my workload in HALF. I’ve been more creative and productive while spending more time with my family. Everyone in my community was literally waiting for me to step into my next level of leadership and now magic is happening. 

Thanks Jenna for guiding me forward with new paradigm business strategy!"

Cassnda Finch

Healer & Intuitive Mentor

"When I met Jenna I was initiation my second venture into entrepreneurship after my first resulted in burn-out and a crippled emotional capacity to maintain authentic relationships with myself and others. 

Since working with her… I have manifested INCREDIBLE things into my life. I left corporate and am now fully self employed. My schedule is truly mine and I am free to make commitments that reflect my endeavor for increased joy and abundance in my life. 

I’ve purchased my own home and have never had less debt than I do right now. The gratitude I have for the wisdom, insight, courage and community she shares is beyond my capability to capture. My heart and soul have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities. It wasn’t easy. It involved facing my shadows and massive releasing. But holy fuck was it worth it and so is she." 

Vanessa Marie

Holistic Counselor, Nutrition & Empowerment Coach

"This program helped me increase my confidence in my business and the work I do with my clients.

I have felt I can go so much deeper and get much better results with my clients after this program!

I had my biggest earning months to date in this program and it continues to grow since. I often refer back to the vast array of information shared.

I definitely leveled up so huge in this program and am SO thankful. The support coach calls were such an added bonus to have different perspectives!"


Kristi Mcleod

Healer & Life Coach

Full Transparency:

My current (2023) Private Mentorship Investment starts at $30,000 per year. If you're interested in becoming my personal client at this level, please reach out to me directly to discuss.

Outside of this, The Catalyst is the only container with intimate group and private access to me.

What Others Are Saying


 “Working with Jenna has literally been everything I've been deeply craving and longing for when it comes to receiving epic support in running my business and stepping into deeper & bolder leadership as a coach and healer. Pretty quick into our time together, I realized the content and topics we were working through were the exact missing links to me stepping deeper into the true embodiment of my magic - as both a business owner and New Earth leader.

Her programs are incredibly thorough, thoughtful and holistic. I felt extremely taken care of all the way through, and literally no stone was left unturned when it came to being led in deepening into masterful facilitation, driving client results and creating massive impact with your online presence - all in a way that actually FEELS GOOD. Jenna has helped me break new frontiers in finally ditching the need to struggle/sacrifice myself for success.

She also supported me in literally redefining and upgrading my brand and business 3 times over - it was all super activating, elevating and liberating. I couldn't recommend working with her highly enough and just signed up for another year to join her Catalyst Sistermind! Answer the call sister - your soul and the world will thank you for it."

Maryna Ninovska

Shadow Work & Spiritual Mentor

"Just finished up an amazing program with Jenna! It supported me with embodied feminine leadership and expanding my wealth mindset.

I truly loved this program and her style of coaching. She's a very powerful coach that knows how to help you expand into your sovereignty and how to ask powerful questions as a coach.

It was expansive being in this program with the fellow leaders that I was surrounded with. I made back my investment in a short period and landed a new soul aligned, premium client in less than a month of working together.

I already know I'll be working with her again in the future and can't recommend her highly enough!"

Lindsey Tague

Personal Brand Strategist & Feminine Embodiment Mentor

As you move through

The Catalyst,

your business will feel:

As you move through

The Catalyst,

your business will feel:

Balanced Energetically


Creative projects will flow through your veins. You’ll birth life-changing content that heals, restores, and uplifts humanity while experiencing more abundance, wealth and security because you will find your divine feminine and sacred masculine harmony.

Spacious and

Your heart, body, mind, and spirit will soar to new heights of love and alignment as you nourish yourself in a way you’ve always known was your divine birthright but now you’ve EMBODIED and ALLOWED it as a new earth feminine leader on her rise.

Connected and Supported

You’ll be able to call upon your soul allies anytime you need support or inspiration, a laugh or a cry. You’ll fearlessly rise into greater levels of mastery and sovereignty with your newfound supportive soul family.

I invite you to

 make a choice:

Choice 1

Continue as you are

Feeling like you are energetically settling, potentially holding back your magic, creatively or financially blocked and not feeling inspired AF by your vision matched with the belief that it’s 100% possible.

Choice 2

Leap into feminine leadership

Feeling alive, inspired, full of joy, on fire with your mission, and supported by your soul allies while things FLOW.

Which choice feels like soul recognition?

You can become the Embodied New Earth Feminine Thought Leader you came here to be. I know it to be true.

If you are feeling the call…

I am calling THE new earth feminine wisdom keepers to step into a bigger place of visibility, contribution and leadership.

Leadership can feel VERY lonely.

Not everyone is willing to walk this path.

…But we don't have to do it alone.

We can walk together and lead together.

Hand in hand. Heart to heart.

What would be possible if you chose to be so deeply supported this year?


Click below to apply if you're feeling a fuck yes frequency match to this experience.


Jenna xx



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